Enriched Instant Messaging
to reach your audience.

Maximize your Customer Care, CRM, Marketing and Sales through our enriched chat solution

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The return to natural language is the present and the future.
Consumers know it well. Social Networks are losing ground to
the need of intimacy and one-to-one interactions which instant messaging grants.

Corporation need to leverage on this undisputable trend whilst sustaining their brand
identity and fully managing their customer bases.

What is EIMe
XMPP technology

A fast-development solution to enter the game in just a few weeks

Customizable and Scalable Instant Messaging App

Highly scalable according to your needs

XMPP technology

Android and iOS SDKs for an easy and quick integration with your app

Customizable and Scalable Instant Messaging App

Asynchronous model to grant reliability even with poor network coverage

EIMe is much more than a whitelabel chat, it's an unmissable allay for your company 360°


Always be there for customers asynchronously. Let your audience get in touch through a fixed contact-list for Customer Care and a BOT interface, save time and money and improve your processes.


Engage in the most natural and fast manner. Reach all of your Customers as if your were friends - even if their notifications are switched off. Deliver campaigns with the same intimacy of a chat thread to increase conversion of commercial offerings.


Gather through the chat threads the most valuable data for data science to improve targeting. Leverage on intimacy of one2one conversation to gather precious feedbacks from your customers. Support brand stickiness through a true interactive paradigm - the conversational one.


Simplify up-selling and cross-selling through natural mobile experience. Provide a single context for the end to end sales process: from discovery, to conversion, to onboarding, to order tracking. Orchestrate between BOTs and human support according to fully customizable rules.

Enriched Instant Messaging advantages

UI is totally customizable according to your brand identity and needs. The flexibility of a conversational UX allows for a ductile.


You'll be on the app stores in just a few weeks. The SDK is fast to integrate into any app and platform, with no need of heavy extra-development on your side.


Used by million Telco and MVNOs final customers in Europe. Such a large scale covers more than 80% smartphones available on the market.


SDK eases integration with most Contact Management systems, and it’s already integrated with Genesys, SalesForce, Zendesk and others.


Not a websocket but a true XMPP protocol developed with the backend developers of WhatsApp: Scalable to mlns and 100% secure.